10 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Friend a Rock

10 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Friend a Rock



Rocks have been a staple source of water for thousands of years, if you have a friend living in Cape Town, South Africa, send them a rock and potentially save their life


If you're stressing over exams, student debt, your future of unemployment or attending the University of Essex/Warwick and are debating ending it all, take a step back and send your friend a rock instead, it's more fun.


The rocks we distribute are also known as "Weinstein-repellants." This makes them extremely useful if you value your dignity.


The militarised police force are disproportionately targeting minorities subjecting them to police brutality. If you send your local police station a rock, it will consume their time and create immense confusion therefore reducing their ability to racially profile straight white males.


If you're worried about global warming, the gender pay gap, casual racism or any other problem, sending a rock distracts your mind so you can sleep peacefully.


The reaction when your friend receives an anonymous rock sent to their door is hilarious.


It's a rock. Give pointless a purpose.


Sending a rock, anonymously, is scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and generally aids mental health issues due to the brain being preoccupied imagining the reaction of your chosen recipient, what other service offers this level of support today?


Mailing rocks anonymously to world leaders is the perfect tool for making political statements, particularly when accompanied by a messages explicitly outlining these issues. Contact us and we'd be happy to sort this out.

We Will Not Share Your Data With Anyone


*Rock dispatch times may vary subject to the availability of rocks and rock senders, although we stride to retain this to a minimum 


*Apologies to all postmen having to transport rocks